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How do I share, post, or email my video?

Megan Etzel
posted this on February 05, 2011 09:43 AM

To Share a link to your video, click the "Link" button, circled below, on the Video player page.


From here you can copy the video player page link (url):


You also have more options to share/post your video directly to various services, websites, and social networks.

 Animoto Pro Users

Animoto Pro users have the option to share the unbranded version of their player page. To enable this, click "Hide Animoto branding"


You can use the unbranded link directly to display your video without any Animoto branding:


Once you've copied the unbranded link, paste the link into your browser's address bar, Facebook status or timeline and the page will look like this:


*Notice how there isn't any Animoto branding to be found on that page!


*Please note, any videos shared by email or using the direct Facebook share button will still contain Animoto messaging.

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