When I upload my own music, I'm told the file is corrupt.

Occasionally, our system can't recognize uploaded MP3 files. This is more likely if you're uploading tracks that are long in duration (perhaps from combining multiple songs) or if the MP3 has been created by converting audio from another format. In most cases this issue can be fixed by re-encoding or re-saving the file.

iTunes users can right-click on the file and select Get Info... to bring up the file properties. Try editing the data stored under Album Title and clicking Ok. The file will be updated and you can re-upload it.

If these steps don't resolve your problem, you can try re-encoding your file. We recommend using an audio editor such as Adobe Soundbooth or Aviary Audio Editor (Myna) to open your MP3 file and then save it as a new file. A bit-rate of 128kbps will usually be sufficient and will ensure the new MP3 file is within our 10MB upload limit.

(Please note that music purchased from stores such as iTunes will have protection on it that might prevent it from being converted.)

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