How do I add music to my video?


To choose a music soundtrack for your video, click the musical note icon on the main editing section. You'll have the choice of uploading your own MP3s, iTunes music or AAC files, or choosing from our selection of music.



Using Triple Scoop Music

When you view our full library, the list can be sorted alphabetically by title, artist, genre, or track length. (Just click the header of the column to sort it.) Using Animoto Pro? You can mark your songs as favorites and view them in the "Your Favorites" folder later. Just click the heart icon next to the song to mark it as a favorite. If you're using songs from this library, there's no need to worry about getting permission from the copyright owner, as all songs are licensed for use in your video. 




To use your own music, choose the "Upload Songs" option.

To upload, navigate through your computer files where your digital music is stored. Upload time will depend on your Internet connection and the file size of your song. Your music files must be kept under 10 minutes in length and 10MB in size.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're posting your videos on the internet, be sure to have permission from the copyright holder to use specific tracks. This is especially important if you're using the videos for business purposes. 

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