Update and View Billing Information

You can update and review your billing information by going to your Account page while logged in, selecting your Workspace, and clicking Billing from the dropdown menu that appears. If you don’t see a Billing tab that means you are on the Free Forever plan so you have not been billed. 

Note: Only Team Admins will be able to access the billing information for the Professional Plus plan. 

Changing Payment Method

You can change your payment method by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of your payment information. You can delete your billing information at any time, but your account may lapse if you do not enter new payment details. If your account lapses it will revert to the Free Forever plan and features if you do not have a card on file for future purchases.

To learn more about your plan and included features, see Manage My Plan and Subscription Settings


See also: What Happens When My Plan Expires? 

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