Adding a CTA to your videos

To add a Call to Action (CTA) to your video:

Most social networks already have a built in feature to add a customizable CTA while posting your video. We’ve found that using the native CTA button on social networks provides viewers with the smoothest viewing experience, while keeping up with social video and design trends. Check out this guide from our team to get you started with adding a CTA to your videos on social networks. 

If you are sharing the direct link to your video, you can definitely still point your audience in the right direction. Many Animoto users have success adding a call to action into the video description field. You’ll be able to add a short personalized note with a link or next steps to where you’d like to direct your viewers. This is a great way to customize a CTA to a particular client or target audience. The description displays below your video as it plays so viewers will always see that information.


CTA capabilities and Animoto 3:

At the start of of 2021 we released our updated sharing and download flows to compliment Animoto 3, our fastest and easiest video creation tool to date. During this redesign we reviewed all of the features and functionality available for users after a project is complete. 

After scoring each feature based on its intended purpose and how it actually functions, we looked at usage rates and customer surveys to better understand how much value certain features were providing to our users. 

Through this process we identified the ability to add a Call to Action (CTA) button to a video inside of Animoto as a feature that was used by fewer that 1% of our customers, was not meeting the needs of more than half of the users who did interact with the feature, and was far out of date with our engineering and design standards.

We decided to remove the ability to add a CTA button to a video inside of Animoto as a feature for any Animoto 3 videos. 

Since we originally released the CTA button for Animoto, social media has changed drastically. Now almost all of the common social media platforms have their own functionality or standards for adding CTA’s inside the tool, many of which look better and more inviting when added natively inside the platform. Additionally, the marketing industry has blossomed with ideas for clever ways to use both literal calls to action inside your marketing and more subtle ways to move viewers to take actions after interacting with your content.  We’ve compiled a robust list of ways to use call to actions within your marketing here


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