What Is the Difference Between Team and Individual Workspaces?

All users on a Team will have access to both a shared Team workspace where you can collaborate with other members of your Team, and an Individual Workspace that is only accessible to you. 

Team Workspace

Your Team Workspace is your new home for video creation and collaboration. You and your Team will be able to watch and edit all videos created or transferred into the Team Workspace. Videos in the Team Workspace have the highest-tier functionality, including Saved Brands and Templates for your whole team to use, Premium Stock, Font Upload, and more!

If you were previously on the Professional Plus plan and recently migrated to our new Teams plan, you’ll see your Team’s Admin’s Saved Brands and Saved Templates in this space. Any Admin on your Team can create additional brands and templates for your team to use any time!

If you’d like to move any of your other team members’ Saved Brands or Templates into your Team Workspace, contact our team at help@animoto.com.

Individual Workspace

All users have their own Individual Workspace, which is not shared with the Team and is only accessible to them. When a user is on a team, Individual Workspaces offer Team Members a place to create Animoto projects independently. You can also transfer projects you’ve created on your Individual Workspace to the Team Workspace! 

Since the Individual Workspace is a separate account from the Team account, it is also on a separate subscription. You can upgrade your Individual Workspace anytime to access Animoto’s professional features! 

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