How do I set up accounts for my students?

You will create student accounts like you would any other account by registering the student from the signup link.  Please note that each Animoto account needs an email address. You may not, and must be sure the student does not, provide any student’s personally identifiable information to Animoto at any time, including when establishing student accounts. Please remember that you are responsible for supervising the use of your students’ accounts in the classroom, and ensuring it complies with the Animoto for Education Terms of Use.

With that in mind, we recommend setting up your students' accounts using this method:

  1. Register a Gmail account

    • First set up a "master Gmail" account for yourself with Gmail. This email account is important because you will receive emails here on behalf of your student accounts. This is the only "link" you have with your students accounts. Your Animoto account is not actually linked to your student's Animoto accounts in any way, however you can receive emails on behalf of their accounts: notifications when videos are complete, password reset notifications, etc. In that way you can see what videos they've completed and keep an eye on their activity. This is only possible if the accounts are set up as derivatives of your master email address.
    • All email addresses with emailaddress+(number) - are routed to the original "master" Gmail address. Gmail ignores any letters and numbers you add after a + sign and sends all emails to the one account while our system thinks each is a unique email.

    You can read more about the concept from this article.

  2. Register your students with Animoto accounts

    • Just as you set up an account for yourself with Animoto, you will similarly set up accounts for your students. Students will have a legitimate Animoto account registered to a derivative (email address of your "master" Gmail address.

      For example, if you registered at Gmail, you'd register the following e-mail addresses at Animoto:

      Student 1:

      Student 2:

      Student 3:

    • After you register the student accounts (one at a time) you will also want to enter your educator promo code in the promo code box on the Account Profile page. This promo code gives the student 6 months of Plus use. Enter the promo code in each of the students accounts. Without the promo code entered in the students account, the account will remain at a Lite subscription status.


  3. A few notes about dummy email addresses:

    • The plus sign in the email address is necessary. will redirect to, but will not redirect to

    • Do not actually register—that's just an example. Create your own unique email address on Gmail, such as, or

    • All activity at our website under these accounts will be sent to your original, derivative e-mail (i.e. This way, you'll be able to give each student a unique Animoto account, while also being able to monitor their account's activity.

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