How do I set up free Education accounts for my students?

IMPORTANT: Before you begin, make sure you’ve created a GMAIL email address and setup forwarding to your school email. Failure to follow these steps will make it difficult to provide support for your account and may result in suspension of your Education account.

Each Animoto account requires an email address. You may not, and must be sure the student does not, provide any student’s personally identifiable information to Animoto at any time, including when establishing student accounts.

Remember that you are responsible for supervising the use of your students’ accounts in the classroom, and ensure that such use complies with the Animoto for Education Terms of Use.


Getting started

For each student account, we need to provide an email address, name, and password. It’s easy to lose track when creating multiple accounts so we recommend creating a list to keep track of your account passwords and each time you create an account, make note. 


Creating the account for each student

  1. Go to the website. If you’re logged in, be sure to log out.
  2. Click on “SIGN UP
  3. Enter the email alias for STUDENT 1. In our example, this is “
  4. For the student name, type “Student 1”
  5. Enter the password for the account
  6. Select “Education” for the question “What kind of videos can we help you create?”
  7. Click “START TRIAL.” The account has been created, but only as a trial account.


Convert the trial account to a free Education account.

Now that we have the student account created, we'll convert the account from a Trial account, to a Free Education account.

  1. While logged in to the account, click “ACCOUNT
  2. enter your Education Code in the “REDEEM PROMO CODE” in the box on the ride hand side of the screen (see screenshot below.)
  3. Click “SUBMIT CODE
  4. The account will be upgraded to the Education plan.
  5. Click “LOG OUT” on the bottom left of the screen
  6. Repeat Steps 1-12 for each student account you wish to create, incrementing the +1 each time. (Student 2 will be ", Student 3 will be ", etc.)



Here's a video that walks through created the first two student accounts: Video walk-through (opens in a new window.)

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