Getting Started with Animoto for Education

Step 1 - Sign up!

In order to sign up (or re-sign up) as an educator for a free Plus subscription, you can apply for a classroom code from our education site.

Upon acceptance into our educator program you will see this screen - PLEASE read it carefully and take note of your unique student classroom code.


Step 2 - Check Your Email

You will receive a confirmation email which indicates your account has been upgraded with a free Plus subscription and also contains your classroom code (this is for setting up your students with free accounts and works like a coupon - so please take notice to the expiration date of the code)

Your Educational Accounts expire every six months, and you'll need a new code to renew your account.  You can re-apply for a new code and extended access the same way you applied the first time by visiting our education page.  Also, once you've received the code, you have one month to redeem it.


Now you are ready to start using Animoto!


Step 3 - Register Your Students

After you are familiar with your account, you can start setting up your student accounts. 

Please Note: You may not, and must be sure the student does not, provide any student’s personally identifiable information to Animoto at any time, including when establishing student accounts. Please remember that you are responsible for supervising the use of your students’ accounts in the classroom, and ensuring it complies with the Animoto for Education Terms of Use.


For more detail on this step, check out our guide to setting up accounts for your students.

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