Adding music (Animoto Memories - legacy tool)

Hi there! This article is about Animoto Memories, our original slideshow creation tool. As a company we've decided to focus our energy on making updates and improvements to our newest offering, Animoto 3. That just means there won’t be any new updates or changes to Animoto Memories going forward.If you love using Animoto Memories though, we will always be here to support you if you have any questions!

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To choose a music soundtrack for your Animoto Memories slideshow video, click Change Song (by the song title). You can upload your own MP3s, iTunes music or AAC files, or choose from our selection of pre-licensed music.


 Using the Music Library

When you view our full library, the list can be sorted alphabetically by title, artist, genre, or track length. Click the title of the column to sort the songs. You can also mark your songs as favorites and view them in the "Favorites" list later by clicking the heart icon next to the song.

When you use music from Animoto's music library, there's no need to get permission from the copyright owner, as all songs are licensed for use in your video.


Uploading your own music

To use your own music, choose the UPLOAD SONGS option. Select the song on your computer, wherever it's stored. Your music file can be up to 20 minutes long and 20mb.

Note: If you're sharing your videos publicly, be sure to have permission from the copyright holder to use specific tracks. This is especially important if you're using the videos for business purposes.


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