The New Animoto Video Creation Process: A Video Tutorial & Guide

Is this your first time on Animoto? Be sure to check out our post on how to make your first video! 

New features? Show me where!

If you’ve used Animoto since the new year, you may have noticed some things have changed. We’ve been releasing new features every few weeks and will continue to tweak these. 

add song 1.5.jpg

Know what’s in your video

We’ve added total video time and available song time to the top right corner. There's also a box that will appear around the items that will make it into your final video!

If you add too many images, video clips, and text for the length of the song you’ll see items begin to drop out of the box.

Add song 3.jpg

Hint: Did you know you can select and drag more than one image at once? It’s easy. Just hold down the ‘Shift’ key and select multiple images.

Fast or slow

You can choose the speed at which images appear in your video. This is really useful for getting the feeling of your video right, and also for getting more images for a given song. Here is how it works.

Choose ‘Edit’ next to your song’s title:

add song 2.jpg

This will open the editing options, including song start point and song pacing. If you've uploaded your own MP3, you can edit the song title and artist. They’ll appear next to your finished video. To change the pace of your video, move the pacing slider to the right or left.


Do you have pictures that just won’t fit into your current song? If the video is full, move the pacing slider. You’ll see the following when you save:


Drag your images into the video & produce!

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