Customizable Styles

Customizable Styles

We have three Styles that allow you to customize the font, background colors and transitions.  They are Classic, Documentary and Frameless.

First, choose a custom Style 

When you choose a video style, look for one shown with a black icon. If you already have a video made using a non-customizable style, simply make a copy of it and change the style to one of the customizable ones.

Second, select your background colors and fonts

Pick whatever background colors, font types, and font colors best match your business’s logo or look and feel. Choose colors that complement the photos you’re planning to use:


Third, pick transitions and animations

Choose from a variety of professional text animations and photo/video transitions to get the look you want:




Lastly, find the best fit

Frame your photos and video clips in one of three ways: full frame, fit-to-screen, or inset.

Learn more here.

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