Burning a video to DVD on a Mac

PC user? Check out our instructions on how to burn a video to DVD on your PC.

    1. Insert a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW. (Note: DVD-RWs can't play on a normal DVD player.)

    2. Start Disk Utility from your Application Folder


    3. Once opened, go to the File menu and choose "Open Disk Image..."


    4. This will prompt you to find the ISO file that you downloaded from Animoto. We recommend saving this file to your desktop so that it's easy to find. (You might also check Downloads, as the file often ends up there).


    5. Once you choose the ISO file, click the "Burn" button in the upper-left corner.


    6. When the confirmation pops up, click "Burn".

    7. You should see a progress bar indicating the burn status. When it's done, your computer will play a sound and eject the disc.


    8. That's it! Take the disc out, label it, and package it however you want. Animoto DVDs make great gifts and party favors.

Living outside the US? Need a PAL-formatted DVD? We recommend downloading the hi-res MP4 file and burning it with iDVD.

To see a video walkthrough of this process, check out our blog post.  

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