How do I download or save a video to my computer?

Check out this blog post on how to download and save your Animoto video.

To download your video, click "Download" in the lower right.  Note: You'll need a paid account in order to use this feature. 



You'll need to choose which resolution you'd like.  We offer 480p Mp4, a 480 DVD ISO, a 720HD Mp4 and a 1080p HD Mp4.



In addition to the web-quality MP4 file, we also offer the option to upgrade to 480p (DVD-quality) or 720p (HD) files.

The 480p upgrade includes two types of files, .ISO and .MP4. The .ISO file can be burned onto a blank DVD, while the .MP4 file can be played directly on your computer using Quicktime, or re-uploaded to your site.

The 720p upgrade includes an .MP4 file.


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