Creating a Looping Autoplay DVD with an Animoto Video

It is straightforward to loop an Animoto video on a DVD using iDVD on the Mac.

On most machines, iDVD should be pre-installed, however if you have a newer Mac without an optical drive, you may need to install it from the iLife’11 DVD or the recovery disc which came with your computer. If you need to purchase a copy of iLife and iDVD, you can obtain it direct from Apple or Amazon.


Before you begin

You will need to download the MP4 of your Animoto Video. You can do this from the video’s player page.



Select “Download/Export” from the tools menu.



Select “MP4” as your download option. The file should begin downloading and will be saved onto your computer.

 If you have not yet upgraded your video to either 720P HD or 480P then you may want to do this before downloading as using a higher quality file will give the best results.



1. Open iDVD and choose “Create a New Project”

2. Type a name for your project in the “Save As” field, select Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio and then click “Create”. The iDVD window will open with a default theme selected. You can ignore this as an auto playing DVD does not use a theme.

3. Click the Map button (below) to open the DVD map.


4. Drag your downloaded Animoto video to the project icon (below).


5. To turn on looping, click the project icon andselect “Advanced >> Loop Movie” from the menu.

6. You can preview the DVD by clicking the play button at the bottom of the window, this will show you how your movie will look. Then you can burn to DVD by selecting “Burn DVD...” from the file menu.

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    Chris Korhonen

    @DigitalKen: Sorry, we are working on putting together a more comprehensive series of guides/how-to's which cover both PC and Mac software. The exact steps really depend on the software you use to burn DVD's, hence why we can't just publish one set of more generic instructions. If you read the documentation that comes with your burning software, it should also cover the steps to make a looping auto-playing DVD.

    In terms of our download process, you can download your video from the video player page as illustrated in the guide above, just click the "Download/Export" link in the bottom right, and select the file you wish to download. Depending on your operating system, web browser and computer settings, your video may be saved in different places:


    On a PC this is typically your "My Documents" or "Documents and Settings" folder, though sometimes it may be in a separate "Downloads" folder inside one of these directories.

    • On a Mac, this is typically your "Downloads" folder, located within your home directory.

    In many cases, when you download something from the internet, your browser shows a dialog box asking if you want to open the file, or save it to disk. If you are seeing this then you should always select the "Save" option, you'll most likely see a standard "Save As" box which prompts you to choose a location for the downloaded file.

    If all else fails and you aren't sure where the download was saved, you can also use the Search/Find functionality on your computer to locate all files matching a specific filename - this should reveal any Animoto videos. Just do a search for all files whose filename contains the word "animoto" and whose filetype is MP4.

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    Stephanie Saniga

    I found this very helpful!  It looked and worked exactly as you said it would in iDvd. 

  • Avatar
    Ashley Wilkerson

    Ok..... So, now to retract my former post... just tried it again and it worked!  Not sure why and sorry for bugging you with the previous post, but apparently there was something wrong on my end and I'm very happy to have an easy way to burn high def!



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    Teresa Woods

    From what I  understand iDVD is not longer supplied as complimentary software when you purchase a mac. The software is $50.

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    Cynthia Rozek

    I can't get rid of the default Revolution (or any other theme) so that I only have the dropped imported movie.  How do I have just the imported Animoto movie play and not add the additional themes.  

  • Avatar
    Chris Korhonen

    @Cynthia: There is no need to remove the default theme - once the movie is setup to auto play and loop you'll never see the theme anyway.

  • Avatar
    Sherri Shrader

    When my files are saved its not asking me anything.  Like" save as".  I cant find my saved files anywhere.


  • Avatar
    Sonya Davis

    How can I a make a DVD on a PC?  

  • Avatar
    Pam Cassel

    Can I loop 2 animoto videos in the same loop on a DVD?  If so, how?

  • Avatar
    April Lemen

    I'm curious if I can put this on a thumbdrive to insert into a TV display in my lobby?  Or would I have to put into Powerpoint or something and have that loop?


  • Avatar
    Shelly Martinez

    Easy! Thank you!

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    Ann Charback

    We often have customers who want to loop a video for parties or visitations and we cannot always know what kind of equipment is going to be used. We use to use ProShow Gold for videos and still have the software on our PC. We discovered by downloading the Animoto Video and then sending through ProShow Gold we can burn it to a disc and have it loop.

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    John Lewis

    After all this time why not have PC instructions ?

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