How do I use more than one song?

To add another song to your video: 

1. Click the "Add Another Song" option, which you can find below all of your pictures and video clips.



2. The first song you chose will immediately be added again by default, but feel free to change it for your second song. Clicking the song title will bring up the song selector. Choose a song from the Triple Scoop Music library, or upload your own. 

3. After you've chosen your song, drag or add images/video into your second song:



You can add up to 10 songs, and make a 20-minute video with the Personal, Professional and Business plans. You'll also see an image storage area to the right of your project. If you delete a song that has images already associated with it, you'll see your images migrate to that section.  Feel free to drag the images back into the project at any time. 




Tip: If you want to loop a song, just keep adding the same song.

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