How to dispute YouTube copyright notices

It's important to know that content uploaded to YouTube is automatically scanned using sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms, called ContentID, can identify music of all kind, including the licensed music in the Animoto library. 

When you receive a notice from YouTube that your video has "matched third party content," be assured that this is completely normal. It simply means that YouTube has identified a song that isn't in the public domain (i.e. someone created it and owns the rights to it).

Depending on who owns the music you've chosen, certain licensors tell YouTube to do different things. Sometimes, for example, they'll put ads on your video.

As a customer of Animoto using commercially licensed music from our music library, you can dispute the automatic action when a Content ID match occurs. If you use music outside of our music library that you don't have rights to, you may risk having a copyright strike on your YouTube account.


 Step 1: File a dispute


Step 2: Select the option "I have a license..." 



Step 3: Explain the reason for the dispute

Below is a text snippet you can use to let the copyright holder know that you did in fact obtain their music legitimately through the use of your Animoto subscription:

"I am a customer of and confirm that I am properly licensed to use the matched audio, in compliance with Animoto’s commercial terms located at

Please remove any claim or restrictions you've placed on my video."

See below for a completed example:



Step 4: Review and submit the dispute



What happens next?

YouTube simply forwards your dispute to the licensor for review. Most disputes are acknowledged within 24 hours, but it's not uncommon for them to take several days.

If you have any trouble with this dispute process, or the licensor still insists your claim isn't valid after you've submitted your details, please let us know by opening a help request.

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