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Here are a few common questions we hear from Animoto customers. Have more questions? Just ask in the comments, or open a help request with us and we'll get back to you right away.

Who will see Animoto videos I share to Facebook?

When you share an Animoto for the first time, Facebook will ask you to authorize Animoto to give us permission to post your video. During this time, you will also be asked to which of your Facebook friends should the video be shared. Here are some of the "audiences" you can share with:

  • Public. When you share an Animoto video, every member of Facebook will be able to view it.
  • Friends. Only your friends will be able to view your video on Facebook.
  • Friends of friends. Your friends, and friends of your friends will be able to see and view your video.
  • Only Me. Your Animoto video will be shared to your Facebook timeline, but only you will see it. 
  • Custom. Choose a default list, or specific people, as well as exclude certain Facebook users.
  • Lists. These are custom lists you create in Facebook. Examples of lists could be "friends from school", or "immediate family".

Note: if you tag a Facebook friend in your video, their friends will be able to see your video, even if you are not mutual friends.

Is it possible that my Animoto video could be viewed by Facebook users I am not connected to?

If you share an Animoto video to your 'Friends' only, but tag a friend in the video, Facebook could include your video on your friend's timeline, which means it could be viewed by your friend's friends, and people who you may not be friends with on Facebook.

How can I change who can see my video after I've already shared it to Facebook?

You can change who can see your posts at any time. To do this, look for the date/time stamp on your shared video. Right next to that will be your sharing options. If it's public, you'll see a mini globe. If you have it shared with your friends, you'll see a silhouette of two people. Just click the down-pointing arrow and change your audience.

When I set up Animoto with Facebook, I chose "Public." How can I change this?

You can change the default posting options by visiting this Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications and locating the Animoto application. Click the pencil icon (edit settings). The setting you're looking for is called "App visibility and post audience." From there you can change the setting to your new default audience.

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  • Avatar
    Jenny Fox

    I am unable to upload to facebook. The site says that I already have another account with that facebook account. How can I upload the video. The site is not allowing me too...

  • Avatar
    Terry Oxley

    When I share to Facebook I want to put it on a business page, the business page is connected to my personal page how can I do this

    Thanks Terry Oxley

  • Avatar
    Kelly Williams

    I'm getting a message that my facebook profile is linked to another user when I try to share my slide show. Please help.

  • Avatar
    Luis Moreno

    I have the same problem...It says Facebook Profile is linked to another user...Where?

  • Avatar
    Ricky Haryadi

    This is so frustrating, it says my Facebook account is connected to another user even after I unlinked it countless times. So hard to share.
    I linked my account to my A Facebook account and worked flawlessly at the first time, then I wanted to share it with my B Facebook account. So I unlinked everything, then now it always prompts me that my B Facebook account is linked to another user. HELP!

  • Avatar

    Não estou conseguindo compartilhar no facebook, da que esta vinculada a outro cliente???

  • Avatar

    I am trying to upload my video to Facebook but have an error message 'Unfortunately we couldn't post the video you uploaded. There's nothing to worry about – it's because the video contains music, audio or a video clip that belongs to someone else.'
    You may be able to post the video if you have the rights, otherwise you can delete the video. The music is from Animoto -"Butterfly Driving a Truck" by Caspar Babypants. Do I have the rights to publish?

  • Avatar
    Landon Raulerson

    For those of you who are getting the "Facebook is linked to another profile" message, here's what I did to fix it. I logged out of my Animoto Account. Then went to log back in but used the login with Facebook option. It asked for my email address, which I used the one associated with my account, and then it logged me back in. Once it logged me back in then I was able to use the upload to Facebook Link. Hope this helps!

  • Avatar
    Amelia McLeod

    To post to your business page, choose the tab "pages" instead of "timeline".  Hope that helps. 

    Edited by Amelia McLeod
  • Avatar
    Jude Engel

    Each time I try to upload to Facebook I get the same message as above, "Facebook Profile is linked to another user". I have tried logging out and logging back in again but having no luck whatsoever. Please advise as it is becoming extremely frustrating

  • Avatar
    Ingrid van der Zel

    See problem as some other users. I am unable to upload to facebook. The site says that I already have another account with that facebook account. How can I upload the video. The site is not allowing me too...

    Please Animoto team, give us the solution

  • Avatar
    Rasidah, Yaacob

    I shared a video to facebook but it couldnt be posted because it may contain music, audio or video that belongs to someone - sol nascente. What is this term? All images are from personal photos, i took free birthday card images from google and the music was from free audio download..can you advise...

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