Sharing to Facebook

Connecting your Facebook account to Animoto

Sharing your Animoto videos to Facebook is quick and easy. 

  1. From the My Videos page hover your mouse over the video and use the SHARE icon to pick how you'd like to share your video. 
  2. When you share a video for the first time, Facebook will ask you to authorize Animoto to post on your behalf -- this will give us permission to post your videos to your Facebook when you use the share tools in your Animoto account. 
  3. Add a description and click on POST to share the video to your page.

Switching between posting to your Facebook timeline and your Facebook page

Creating multiple videos, for multiple purposes? No problem! We've made it easy for you to choose between posting to your personal Facebook timeline or your Facebook pages each time you share a video to Facebook.

  1. From the SHARE section on your video, click on the Facebook icon. 
  2. TIMELINE sharing will be the default. To share to a Page, simply select PAGES.

3. Select the Page you’d like to share to from the CHOOSE PAGE dropdown menu. You should see all of the Pages that you are an admin for.
4. Add a description and click on POST to share the video to your page.

As long as your Page is connected to the same personal Facebook account you have linked to your Animoto account, you'll be able to select the right location for your video every time. 

Connection error message

If you are seeing a “Your Animoto account is already connected to a different Facebook account” error message when sharing to Facebook, you already have a Facebook account connected to your Animoto account. 


To clear this up, remove the current connection to Facebook in your account. If that doesn't clear up the error message, please reach out to our Customer Success team. One of our advisors will be happy to help.

Clearing your Facebook connection

You can change the Facebook account you're connected to by going to the SETTINGS tab on your Account page and clicking the "X" next to Facebook.


You can only have one Facebook account connected to Animoto at a time, but you are welcome to clear your Facebook connections and connect to a new account as often as you would like! 


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