Trouble sharing a video from Animoto to Facebook

If you do not own the photos, music, or videos included in the Animoto video you wish to share on Facebook, it's important that you obtain a legal license, or permission to use the material from the copyright holder, or creator. 

Please ensure you have followed Animoto's Upload Submission Terms when including third party content in your video.

If you removed your video and want to re-share:

If you deleted a Facebook video you shared using Animoto, you can share the video again after 1 hour. This is due to Facebook's export limitations.

If your video was removed by Facebook:

Your video may have been removed because Facebook's algorithms have detected that you used copyrighted material in your video. 

When a video is shared with Facebook, and then removed, we will automatically prevent the video from being shared again.

What happens next?

If you used music from our music library, then you can dispute the copyright claim from Facebook and request to have your video re-instated.

If you uploaded your own music (for example, music purchased from the iTunes store), please ensure that you have the rights to use the music in this capacity.



For more information about Facebook copyright, please see this article: What happens when Facebook acts on a claim that I have infringed someone’s copyright?.

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