Creating a Google email for your Master education account

In this section, we're going to walk you through creating a free Gmail account that we will use as our master Educator account for Animoto. 

Here's what we're going to do:

  1. choose a unique email username that reflects you and your school
  2. complete the sign up form for a free Google Gmail account
  3. configure your Gmail account to forward all email to your school account


Choosing a unique Google username

Important Note: 

Since other educators in your school will be following these same instructions, using a consistent naming convention helps avoid duplicate account name errors from Gmail, while also making it easier for Animoto's Customer Service team to provide help in the event you run into trouble.

For this example, we'll assume the role of a fictitious teacher named "Ernie Calhoun", at a high school known as "Video Game High School."

School administration has already created Mr. Calhoun a work email address for the school, which is: ""

To decide which username we want for Ernie's Google account, we're going to create an email address based on the initials of his school ("vghs"), followed by a dot, then the first letter of his first name and his last name ("ecalhoun".)

Using this format, Ernie's Google username will be "vghs.ecalhoun", which means he'll end up with a Gmail address "".

Here's another quick example to make sure you have it: Educator, Rebecca Clements at Eastside Secondary High School would be "".


Creating a free Google account

Now that you know which Google username you want to use, head on over to create your Google account

Click the screenshot below to see a larger version of a completed sign-up form.


Forwarding Google Gmail to your school email account

This step is important since Animoto account emails for your students will be directed to this account and you'll want to redirect these emails to a place where you're most likely to see them– your school email account.

While logged in to your newly created Google account, in the upper right corner, click on the gear icon, then click Settings (shown in the diagram on the right)

After clicking "Settings", on the next screen click "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" where you'll be presented with the screen similar to the one below:



Forwarding email to your school's email address

In the forwarded section, choose the option to "add a forwarding address", then enter your school's work email address in the dialog box.

Google will send a verification email to the forwarding email address you provided. Locate this email. It will contain a verification number you can then enter in the verification box on your Google account. After that, you can finalize your forwarding settings. See the screenshot below for our example.

Once verified, your settings should look something like the screenshot below:

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