How can I change the order my photos are imported?

We'll import your photos and videos in the order your web browser sends them to us.

An easy way to change the import order is to simply adjust the sort order of your assets when importing your video.

In this video example below, we'll show you an import using alphabetical (by filename), then we'll show you another import using the Date the file was modified.


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    Monique Dao

    Why can't you just create a drag and drop function to reorder images so we don't have to rename our files prior to upload?

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    Denise Shaffer

    Ditto that! ^^^

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    In plain English, does that mean that you can't change the order of the photos once you've uploaded them? How can you tell what the best order will be until you've created and previewed the video?

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    Phong Nguyen

    It says there's an example video, but I dont see any. Can I please reorder my pictures by date taken?

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    Christa Umphrey

    Yes, also want to reorder after sort by date function? This is a huge issue for bigger projects!

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    Rose Cipriano

    I also do not see how they are sorted upon upload. I tried renaming them numbered, and they still do not import in any order I can figure out! A feature to sort by date &/or filename would be extremely helpful and much more user friendly!

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    Rose Cipriano

    Ok- I tried another version and it does work in the order I named them. Drag and drop seems to sort randomly. If you specifically click into the import photos/upload/etc until you get to a dialog box, it works... (I didn't try sorting by date, but that's what the above answer suggests works so long as you have it sorted in your dialog box the way you want it before uploading. This makes sense when I see how it works, but is not quite as easy as drag & drop)

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    Martini Severin

    I would reeeeeaaaaallly love to be able to sort the photos once they've been uploaded to Animoto. I've tried every which way when I upload my photos to be sure they are in order and it is always a chore. Such a small detail could make all the difference (and save so much time) so that we may share the videos with our clients.

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    Pat Gringel

    Pat G.
    Mine have all somehow gotten to the right hand side of the screen including the video I try to drag it back into the
    video area timeline but they just won't stay there. What's to be done about it?

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    Doug Yost

    You should be able to hover your mouse over the picture you want to move. The universal icon for dragging should appear. You do not have to left click. Simply right click and drag to where you want to go on your time line.

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