Add More Tracks to Project

You can upload your own music to your project, or use one from the Animoto Library! In order to add additional music tracks, you'll need to have room in your audio timeline. You can shorten existing songs by clicking on the song you want to trim, and then moving the blue bumpers so there is space in the timeline.




Once you've made room in the timeline, you're ready to add more tracks! Click on the Music icon to the left of the audio timeline. That will give you the option to either upload your own, or browse our library. The song will be applied to the first available space in the timeline.



Now all that's left to do is click on the + icon to add your song to the audio timeline!


Remove Additional Songs

To remove songs from  your timeline, click on the track you want to delete. That will open the menu for that individual song. Click on the X icon to remove it from your project.




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