Information about Animoto Memories

Animoto Memories is our original video slideshow creation tool. As a company we've decided to focus our energy on making updates and improvements to our newest offering, Animoto 3. That just means there won’t be any new updates or changes to Animoto Memories going forward. If you love using Animoto Memories though, we will always be here to support you if you have any questions!

What is Animoto Memories?

Animoto Memories is a drag and drop slideshow video creation tool. It features landscape videos, animated transitions, image and music pacing, and the ability to add up to 10 songs per video. When you go to the Create page you’ll be prompted to choose Animoto Memories or Animoto 3. 

Note: Animoto Memories is not available in the Teams Workspace

You can tell which tool you are creating via the tag on the video tile on the My Videos page.

You can also tell the difference between Animoto 3 and Animoto Memories by the different interface while you are creating.

Animoto Memories:


Animoto 3:

You can check out our quick start guide to using Animoto Memories here on our Blog.

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