Animoto 2: Adding songs/music to a video


Adding music can help make your content come alive and set the tone of your video.

To change the song on your video:

  1. Click on the music icon on the left side of the storyboard editor
  2. Click the CHANGE SONG button
  3. Select a song from our library of commercially licensed music, or upload your own

You can use the slider to adjust the overall volume of your song. This is especially handy if you’re recording voice-over. Lowering the song volume can help ensure that your voice-over can be heard.


Using multiple songs:

Our marketing video making tool was designed to create marketing videos that stand out on social media, so with that in mind, it only allows for one song per video.

If you'd like to make a video with more than one song, you can merge your songs together using a free online tool and then upload that file as one track. You'll be able to upload up a merged audio file up to 20mb in size. 

Another trick to get more songs in your project is to produce a single project for each song you want to include. Each project can be downloaded and combined back into a single project with multiple songs.

To combine multiple projects:

  1. Download each project in high quality.
  2. Re-upload them all to video blocks in a new project.
  3. Turn down the project’s default soundtrack so that it doesn’t overlap with each video clip’s song.



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