Additional Information for Rhode Island Residents

Additional Information for Rhode Island Residents


Contact information for the major credit reporting agencies is below:



P.O. Box 105069

Atlanta, GA 30348



P.O. Box 2002

Allen, TX 75013



P.O. Box 2000

Chester, PA 19016



An individual may also place a security freeze on their credit reports. A security freeze prohibits a credit reporting agency from releasing any information from an individual’s credit report without the consumer’s written authorization. However, individuals should be aware that placing a security freeze on their credit report may delay, interfere with, or prevent the timely approval of any requests they make for new loans, credit mortgages, employment, housing, or other services.


If an individual has been a victim of identity theft, and the individual provides the credit reporting agency with a valid police report, it cannot charge the individual to place, lift or remove a security freeze. In all other cases, a credit reporting agency may charge a fee to place, temporarily lift, or permanently remove a security freeze. Individuals will need to place a security freeze separately with each of the three major credit bureaus listed above if the individual wishes to place the freeze on all of their credit files. In order to request a security freeze, the individual will need to supply the following information:


  1. Full name (including middle initial as well as Jr., Sr., II, III, etc.);
  2. Social Security number;
  3. Date of birth;
  4. If the individuals has not moved in the past five (5) years, provide the addresses where the individual has lived over the prior five years;
  5. Proof of current address, such as a current utility bill or telephone bill;
  6. A legible photocopy of a government-issued identification card (state driver’s license or ID card, military identification, etc.);
  7. If an individual is the victim of identity theft, include a copy of either the police report, investigative report, or complaint to a law enforcement agency concerning identity theft;


For Rhode Island residents, the Attorney General can be contacted by mail at 150 South Main Street, Providence, RI 02903; by phone at (401) 274-4400; and online at  Rhode Island residents have the right to file and obtain a police report. The total number of impacted Rhode Island residents is unknown.

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