Trouble Resetting My Password

There are a few reasons you may run into trouble resetting your password. The good news is that usually, there is an easy fix. 

If you haven't received the password reset email within 12 hours of submitting the request or you see an error message when submitting the password reset form: 

  • The reset link may be going to your spam or junk folder. If you find it in your spam folder, be sure to whitelist Animoto so you can receive all of our emails.
  • You may have a browser setting or plugin that is preventing you from submitting the request for the password reset email. Trying to submit the request again in incognito or private browsing mode will usually do the trick! 

You can attempt to reset your password once every 24 hours. If you attempt to reset it again, it won’t work, but we can help! If you need a hand resetting your password, you can contact the Animoto Customer Team and we’ll be happy to send you new instructions to get back into your account. 


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