Animoto Video Maker app for Android FAQ


As of February 26, 2020, the Animoto Video Maker app for Android Devices will no longer be available in the Google Play store. The app will be shut down on April 1, 2020. 


Why do you no longer support Animoto Video Maker for Android devices? 

Over the last two years the Animoto team has been working hard to align our product roadmaps with longer term goals that better support the needs of our current and future customers. We’ve identified a need to make creating videos with our core Animoto tool, Animoto Marketing, as fast and as easy as possible, so in 2020 we’re 100% focused on that work. At the beginning of the year we identified that our Animoto Video Maker app for Android devices, which uses our legacy Animoto Memories tool, wasn’t meeting our current standards for performance or ease of use and was slowing down our users. Additionally, maintaining the app began to present major engineering challenges, including an outdated song catalog that we are unable to change due to the way the app was structured when it was built in 2012. Since Animoto Memories is now a legacy tool, we made the very difficult decision to no longer support the Animoto Video Maker for Android devices. 

That means that as of February 26, 2020 Animoto will not have an app available for Android users in the Google Play Store.

What do I need to do to prepare for April 1, 2020 when the app will be shut down? 

We recommend producing and downloading any videos that you’d like to keep on your mobile device before we stop supporting the app. After April 1, 2020 you’ll be able to access all your videos in your Animoto account from the web. 

When will you release a new Animoto Android App? 

The long term vision of the Animoto team is to make creating videos fast and easy from any device at any moment in time. To begin our journey of achieving that goal, we’re focusing on achieving faster video creation for Animoto Marketing on the web and Animoto: Social Video Editor on iOS devices. Our mobile team is currently only able to support our iOS app fully, so in the spirit of keeping our resources focused on delivering a consistent and bug free experience for our users, supporting just iOS devices today is the right call for us and helps us make sure we are setting Animoto users up for success. 

Should I be worried about the future of the Animoto Video Maker app? 

For the time being, our iOS Animoto Video Maker will continue to be available for users to make videos with. The Android version of Animoto Video Maker was built as a completely separate application, so the more serious issues leading us to stop supporting that Android app don't apply to the iOS app. Should we retire the Animoto Video Maker for iOS in the future, we’ll be sure to let all users of the app know. 

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