Adding Voice Files to Your Video

To add a voice file to your video: 

  1. Pre-record a voice-over outside of Animoto. This can be done easily using QuickTime or a similar software on your computer or using voice memo functionality available on most mobile devices. We recommend watching the preview of your video while you record your voice to make sure the voice-over will match up with your project. 
  2. Upload your voice file as your audio track to your project from the Music menu. You'll be able to time the blocks to the voice-over by adding time or deleting time from each block as needed. When you are ready Export to download or share your video. 
  3. If you’d also like to add music to your video, you can upload your downloaded video, with the voice file as the audio track, to a new project. Then you can add your own song or a song from the Animoto Music Library on top of the video. You can adjust the volume of the song to make sure your voice is audible while in the Music Library. 


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