Voice-over not supported in Animoto 3

We created our original marketing video builder, now called Animoto 2, back in 2016. The product was designed to make it easy to create marketing videos that stand out on social media. But a lot has changed in the past four years.

We realized that in order to deliver an even easier and faster video creator, we needed to make some dramatic changes. We spent months researching, developing, and conducting countless interviews. We took what we learned and reimagined and redesigned the entire Animoto experience from the ground up. We can't wait for you to give Animoto 3 a try. 

After looking at the data on feature usage and reading through feedback we'd received over the past 4 years, we identified that the voice-over functionality in Animoto 2 wasn't meeting the needs of our customers and was rarely used. 

Rather than building a low usage, unoptimized feature into Animoto 3, we made the difficult decision to not include voice-over functionality at this time. We're anxious to learn more about the kinds of videos our customers create with Animoto 3, and those learnings will help us decide if a new version of voice-over functionality would enhance videos made with Animoto. 

If you would like to provide feedback on your experience with voice-over in Animoto 2 please let our Customer team know! 

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