Animoto 3 won't impact legacy Animoto Memories videos

Animoto 3 is a faster, easier way to make videos, with loads of customization options and new features. It’s also more powerful under the hood. That means our developers and designers can produce even more exciting features going forward. We’re really just getting started and we hope you'll give it a spin. 

If you have access to our legacy product, opting into Animoto 3 will not impact your ability to create or edit videos with Animoto Memories. 

When you opt in to Animoto 3, there are a few things you should know:

    • You can open marketing video builder projects, now called Animoto 2 projects, in Animoto 3. When you do, we’ll make a copy of your project. The original version will be retained and can be opened in Animoto 2, should you decide to opt out of the Beta.
    • Just like with Animoto 2, you will not have the ability to open Memories videos in Animoto 3. Videos created with our legacy product can only be opened with our legacy product. You'll still have all the same features and video styles in Animoto Memories that you had in the past.
    Once you’ve tried Animoto 3, if you want to change back to Animoto 2 for any reason, you can do so for a limited time. Your access to Animoto Memories will not be interrupted and you will continue to be able to use our legacy product after Animoto 3 is officially launched.
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