Animoto 3: Using blocks to create your video

A block is where all the fun happens! It’s where you can customize all of your content and is specific to the type of media you’ve added. There are 4 types of blocks in Animoto 3: Media, Text only, Logo, and Photo Burst. 

Each block type has its own editing functions. For example, video blocks include customization options specific to editing video clips, such as trimming, cropping, and adding text overlays. A photo burst block has options to organize photos and set the speed of your burst! 

Adding blocks

To get started adding blocks, click the add a block button at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. 

You’ll need at least one block in your project before you can move images and video clips from the Media Library. 

Drag and drop interface 

The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add photos or video clips to create new blocks, replace content in existing blocks, and to quickly rearrange your content! 

Just drag and drop the media you want to use into the block layout of your choice, and you’re set! 

Uploaded content will appear in the right hand Media Library. Content you’ve added to a block will appear with a checkmark in the Media Library to make it easy to see which images or video clips you’ve already used in your project.

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