Choose the Right Template for your Video

Pre-built templates vs. starting from scratch

The first step to creating a video with Animoto is choosing a template. Start your video by either selecting a pre-built template or starting from scratch. Starting from scratch allows you to start from a completely blank canvas. 

Pre-built templates are videos that have already been created and can be easily customized. These templates create structure for your video and were built with social media best practices in mind.

Choosing a template

All of our templates can be adapted for different purposes, but each has its own unique features and mood. Before you start, we recommend thinking about the overall goals and content of your video. 

Are you using educational content to engage potential customers? Are you showcasing your products to stand out from the crowd? Are you promoting your brand and services? Are you creating a lesson plan to connect with your students, or creating a Birthday video to let a loved one know you’re thinking about them?

Once you’ve determined your goal, select a template that reflects what your final video will look like. Remember, you can always change elements of the template to fit your brand or theme. 

Template sample videos and default content

Each pre-built template contains default content to showcase its unique layout and story, and provides inspiration for your video. You are welcome to use this content in your video or you can replace it all with your own media. 

While each template focuses on a specific type of business and use case, a template can be easily adapted to create any type of video. Instead of focusing on the business used in the example, we recommend looking for specific features of the template that appeal to you and the video you’re creating. 

Customizing your template

Once you’ve selected your template, it’s time to get started creating your video! You can use your own media and our stock library to make the video your own. 

Simply drag and drop your uploaded photos and video clips from the Media Library into your blocks. 

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