Customize the Look of your Video

In Animoto 3, you have more options to customize your video than ever before! You can make each video your own by choosing your project’s block transitions, text settings, music, and it’s theme. 


Themes are packages of changes that create an overall look and feel for your video! You can select from one of our pre-set Themes under the Design tab. 


Picking a Theme is an easy way to pick a new mood or feel for your video in a single click. Each Theme sets a video’s font, block transitions, text style, and color scheme. Once you've selected your Theme, you can still change the individual elements of your video and adjust them however you like. 


You’ll find the option to customize the slide transition settings for your video in the Design tab. There you can select one of our 10 options for preset transitions between slides to give movement to your video! 

Within each transition style you'll notice that there are also different types of transitions in between different block types. For example, the transition between a photo block and a text block might be different than the transition between a photo block and a photo block. Although it’s not possible to select individual transitions per block, using different block types can give you more control over the transitions between your blocks. 


Text Customization

You can change the size, color, and toggle text legibility for the entire project, or just one block at a time! 

Choosing a font

The font menu is under the Design tab at the top of the workspace. Our paid subscription plans will give you access to over 40 fonts that represent the major font families.


Text Styles

Text transitions give animation and visual treatment so your text stands out! Each Style changes the way that the text enters the block and affects the look and feel of your video. You’ll find this option under the Design tab at the top of the workspace.


Customizing Text Settings Throughout Your Entire Project

Text Size 

You’ll find the option to change the size of the text throughout the entire project in the Design menu at the top of the Workspace. Click on Size, and use the slider to adjust to your text to the size you want. 


Choosing Text and Accent Color

You can change the text throughout your entire project via the Text Settings menu under the Design tab. Certain text styles have a highlight accent fixed to them. Those are Brush Strokes, Jumpcut, Slide In, Underline, In Frame, Notebook, Solid Highlight, and Transparent Highlight. The subtitle will not have an accent fixed to it, but you can toggle legibility off and on within the block. 


Customizing your Text Per Block

You can change the size, legibility settings, and accent color of your text on individual blocks to customize each block! 

Text Size on Individual Blocks 

Open the block with the text you want to change. Click on the text field that you want to edit to bring up the edit menu. You can select size from the menu, click the arrow keys to increase or decrease the size, or click on the text size box to type the text size manually. Just click enter when you’re done, and you’re set!

#17 Adjusting Text Size locally.gif

Using Text Legibility

Text legibility is a great way to make your text stand out! Just double click on the text box you want to add it to in order to open the menu. Click Legibility to toggle it off and on.

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 11.25.03 AM.png



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