Mobile Slideshow Creator: Videos or Images not uploading on the App

Having trouble uploading your videos or images to the app? No problem. Here's a few troubleshooting tips to start with. 

  1. Refresh the Animoto App by tapping the home button on your phone twice and swiping up on the App. Then re-open the Animoto App and try uploading your media again. You won't lose the project you're working on as long as you do not log out directly from the app. 
  2. Restart your phone or tablet and try uploading your photos or video via the app again.
  3. Check for operating system updates for your device and the Animoto App. You can check both of these things from the Settings app in your phone or tablet.
  4. If you've already produced the video once. Try making a new copy of the project. You can make a copy of your video by clicking on the image of the video from the video menu and select the  "Copy" option. 

    If those steps don't work, our customer success team will be happy to keep troubleshooting with you. Use the contact support link from the app and share as many details as possible about what is happening when you try to upload your media. We'll take it from there. 
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