My Video is Taking Too Long to Export

There are several factors that impact a video’s rendering time when you export your video. Most videos take less than 30 seconds to complete rendering, but it may take longer if you are creating a longer video with high quality photos. If your project is taking longer than usual to export, you can try these steps to render your video faster: 

1. Clear your cache to rule out memory related issues: Cached data is temporary storage, and over time it can cause your web browser to slow down. Clearing your cache can improve performance and allows the site to retrieve the most up to date information. Clearing the cache does not affect stored passwords and logins, downloaded files, or any custom settings.

  • Clear your cache in Chrome
  • Clear your cache in Firefox
  • Clear your cache in Safari (while we don't formally Safari, these steps may help you get back on track!)

2. Restart your device: Restarting your device clears the RAM and removes temporary files that can use memory and slow down your computer’s processing ability. Rebooting your computer keeps it running efficiently and can improve performance. 

3. Reboot your modem: Slow rendering times are often caused by your internet connection. Restarting your modem can fix connection issues, improve slow connections and resolve many issues with speed and connectivity. 

4. Use a different internet network or a hotspot: If none of the other steps worked, you may need to try it again on a different device or network. This most often comes up with work or school issued devices or networks due to security settings like firewalls that prevent some aspects of the site from running properly. 

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