How to Loop Your Animoto Video

When playing your video back on the Animoto play page it will play a single time. If you need to loop your video so it plays back continuously, you will need to download your video and set it to loop through your video's player.

Users on the Basic, Professional, and Professional Plus plans can download their videos after they Export them. To download your video, hover over the video thumbnail on the My Videos page and click on the download button.


Most computers will use Quicktime or Windows Media Player to playback videos, and have built in settings that will allow you to loop your video.

Here's how to loop in both Quicktime and Media Player:

Looping with Quicktime

Looping with Windows Media Player

Once you download your video and set the player’s setting to loop, you’ll be able to enjoy viewing your video continuously! 

You can also loop your video that is embedded on your website.

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