Team Roles and Permissions

.This list will walk you through the permissions and capabilities of each role. Admins can change the permissions of team members as need be.

Personal Settings

  Admin Producer
Update Email Preferences X X
Make and receive credit for referrals X -

Seats & Permissions

  Admin Producer
Invite/add Team members
X -
Remove Team members X -
Set and change Team member roles X

Billing Settings, Receipts, and Purchases

  Admin Producer
Purchase additional seats X -
Edit credit card and billing information X -
Turn auto-renew off/on X -
View receipts X -


Branding and Templates

  Admin Producer
Save, edit, and delete Saved Brands X -
Use Saved Brands in projects X X
Save, edit, and delete Saved Templates X -
Use Saved Templates in projects X X

Project Creation and Editing

  Admin Producer
Access all projects in Teams workspace X X
Create new projects X X
Add assets to projects X X
Use and access Animoto templates X X
Delete projects in Teams workspace X X
Comment on projects X X
Finalize projects X X
Share and download Teams projects X X


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