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All Animoto music tracks are copyrighted. When you post your videos on certain sites on the web, they're automatically scanned by those sites to check for copyrighted material. If the audio track is identified as having a copyright, the site immediately sends you a notification that your posted content might be in violation. What they really want to know is whether you have permission to use that song on their site.

Simply put yes, you do have permission. When you become a subscriber to Animoto, you're granted a license that allows you to post Animoto videos using any of our licensed music, online. There's no need to worry when you receive an official notice that threatens to remove your account, or limit your ability to post. Simply respond accordingly: 


For Facebook:

If you post the URL to your video, you shouldn't get any notifications. However, if you upload the MP4 file and upload that directly to Facebook instead, you may get an email asking for proof that you have the right to use the song, and your video may be suspended while they review it. Simply reply to the notification stating you've created the video through Animoto and do have the the rights to use the song for your video. 

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