Customizable Slideshow Styles (Animoto Memories - legacy tool)

Hi there! This article is about Animoto Memories, our original slideshow creation tool. As a company we've decided to focus our energy on making updates and improvements to our newest offering, Animoto 3. That just means there won’t be any new updates or changes to Animoto Memories going forward.If you love using Animoto Memories though, we will always be here to support you if you have any questions!

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Users on the Professional plan or higher can choose from 3 slideshow styles that allow you to customize the font, background colors and transitions of your video: Classic, Documentary, and Frameless.

Pick background colors, font types, and font colors that best match your business or choose colors that complement the photos you’re planning to use:



You'll also be able to choose from a variety of professional text animations and photo/video transitions to get the look you want:


Frame your photos and video clips in one of three ways: full frame, fit-to-screen, or inset.


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