Best Browsers for Animoto

You can use Animoto on most modern operating systems!  If you're having trouble creating a video, or notice that things aren’t working quite right, make sure you're using an up to date and compatible web browser.

Animoto currently supports the following browsers:

You can check this page to see if your browser is up to date: 

While some features of Animoto may function in other browsers not listed above, it is possible that not all features will work as intended. If that’s the case, we recommend switching to Chrome or Firefox and trying again. Your work will be saved and you can pick right back up where you left off! 

Using Animoto on mobile browsers 

The Animoto website was created to be optimized for desktop devices. If you access our website on a mobile device such as your phone, iPad, or tablet, you may get an error message asking you to log in on the computer. It is possible that some features will work on a mobile browser, but it is very likely that not all of them will. We recommend that you switch to our website on a computer, or use our mobile app if you have an iOS device.  


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