Trouble completing purchase

If you're having troubling purchasing Animoto, you could have a security protection program running on your computer, or as a web browser plugin.

These plugins could prevent parts of our website from loading during purchase. We're working with our payment vendor to fix this, and for now the solution is to temporarily disable the software, make your purchase, and then re-enable.

Here's a list of security applications we've confirmed will block your purchase:

  • [fixed/resolved] Kaspersky Safe Money. learn more

Our Customer Service team can also help. Simply open a ticket and we'll get right back to you.

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    Help Robot

    Kaspersky has updated the Safe Money application to work with vendors like Animoto. You'll need to download a Safe Money update and restart your computer for changes to take effect.

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    Please i neef to upgrade but each timr i try s message cimed up that saids contact customer support.pls respond asap neef video for party this saturday the 4 june

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    Sheri Ann

    I accidentally selected annual purchase but only wanted to create one video. My account was immediately charged $97 as I couldn't find a cancel purchase option on the website. I have sent 2 requests to customer service and have heard nothing.

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    Tiffinie Brenner

    why does a song say its 3:03 min but when i add all my pictures and choose fit to song it only plays 3:01 min and cuts off the end i have more then enough pictures included to fill the song.

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    Lydia Koren

    i diasbled all plugins and security protection programs, still my purchases are not going through. Everytime im receiving error in payment and its really getting frustrating

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    Wayne Lewis

    I am having trouble placing a purchase
    email me at

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    Natasha Karimi

    I have trying to renew my account. Each time i try and pay it says "opps there was a problem with your payment. Please contact customer service" - there is nothing wrong with my card? please tel me quickly as video needed for friday this week deadline,

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    Natasha Karimi

    IT has been 24 hours and i have had no contact?

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    Olivia Keene

    I am having trouble upgrading my service and it will not let me make a purchase. Need fixed ASAP.

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