Adjust the Timing of your Text and Elements

You can adjust when the text and elements appear across your block! To change the timing, click on the text box or Element whose timing you want to adjust. Select the timer icon from the menu that appears.

That will open the timeline view at the bottom of the screen, where you can see all of your text boxes and elements within the block. You can click the arrow at the top of the timeline to expand it if you have multiple elements you need to adjust.

To adjust the timing of your text boxes or Elements, hover your cursor over the timeline and drag the blue bumpers that appear to set the start and stop times. Dragging the black bumper will play through the block so you can adjust your timing exactly. If you need finer adjustments, use the “Fit” magnification tool to expand the timeline so you can zoom in. 

When you’re done, click Exit timeline view to close the timeline and return to editing.

You can also view your block’s layers by hovering over the block icon in the project timeline. Click on the timer icon that appears to open the block timeline menu. 

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