What Plan Do I Need to Sell or Monetize My Videos

Animoto users have the ability to share their videos on all plan levels. Some plans give users the extra ability to sell videos to third parties, called "Reseller Licensing".

Users on Free and Basic plans can create Animoto videos for personal use (like watching the video at a birthday party). 



Users on the Professional plan gain the Reseller Licensing right to sell their created Animoto video to another end-user. For example: a pro photographer might sell a collage video to a client as part of their photography package. The person they are selling the video to will enjoy the video for personal use.


Users on the Professional Plus plan can also sell their Animoto video creations to others, even if the buyer wants to use that video to earn a profit. A good example of this is a freelance video editor who creates videos in Animoto to sell to a company in need of online video ads.


Distribution of videos are subject to Animoto’s Distribution Terms. You can check out our full Terms of Service here. If you’re unsure of what Reseller Licensing you need for your project, feel free to reach out to the Animoto Customer Team at help@animoto.com 


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