Video Hosting with Animoto

Animoto offers video hosting for all of your videos, regardless of the plan you’re on! Video hosting means that your videos are saved on the Animoto servers, and you can either share a link or use an embed code for your blog or website. 

Benefits of video hosting with Animoto:

No Animoto Branding:

Users on the  Professional and Professional Plus plans can share unbranded links to their videos! That will direct your users to a completely unbranded play page to watch your video. 

Learn more: Share your Video without Animoto branding  

Automatically updated embeds and links:

Once you export your Animoto video with new changes, your links and embeds will update automatically too! Forgot to add in something before you sent it to your client? Need to make an update to your online course catalog without having to update your site? No problem! Once you export your change from Animoto, your shared links and embeds will automatically update so you don’t need to do anything else. 

HD video resolution:

All Animoto 3 videos are exported in 720p HD resolution. That means that your viewers will get a crisp viewing experience, regardless of where you share! 


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