How Animoto Protects Your Data Privacy

Animoto collects user data so our servers can communicate with your device when creating video, and to better offer support from our team. Animoto will only process user data for the rendering of services and does not access, use, or share your data without your agreement, except as required to prevent fraud and abuse, to provide customer service, or to comply with law, as described in our Terms of Service. We do not use customer data or derive information from it for third-party marketing or advertising purposes.

Animoto uses JAMF, AWS, and DataGrail for the safeguarding and processing of both user and employee data. We encrypt data in transit and at rest using keys managed by AWS, and maintain internal security best-practices. We strive to stay current with data privacy regulations and give you full access to managing your internet footprint on the Animoto site. At any time you can make a request from the Animoto Privacy Team to access, rectify, and/or delete your data. You can submit a privacy request for your data here: ​​Privacy Request Form

If you need more information on Animoto data practices , feel free to reach out to the Customer  Team at 

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