Computer Hardware Requirements Banner Error

Occasionally, you may receive an error message in a red banner at the top of your browser that says, "Your computer hardware may not meet Animoto's system requirements" Not to worry! If nothing has changed on your end, this error is due to transient changes to how your browser leverages your graphics card.

Essentially what's happening is that when many processes are running at once, Chrome will change how your hardware is leveraged.

The red banner you saw when accessing projects indicates that your browser isn't able to utilize the graphics card of your computer consistently to render the page when editing Animoto videos. If you've run into this error, here are the first steps you can take to get back up to speed:

Clear your cache:

Your cache is temporary storage and clearing frees up memory which can effect the processing power of your graphics card. Clearing your cache can improve performance and allows the site to retrieve the most up to date information. Clearing the cache does not affect stored passwords and logins, downloaded files, or any custom settings.

  • Clear your cache in Chrome
  • Clear your cache in Firefox
  • Clear your cache in Safari (while we don't formally Safari, these steps may help you get back on track!)

Update Graphics Drivers:
I'd suggest updating your graphics drivers using these instructions:

Try Hardware Acceleration:Once the drivers are upgraded we can also try turning on hardware acceleration in Google Chrome with these instructions:

If those steps don't work: Give a try in Firefox (it's a free download and supports websites like Animoto). You can also try it on a different computer!

If that still doesn't do the trick, the Animoto team can take a closer look at your graphics settings. You can send us a copy at of the log you see here by going to chrome://gpu/ in your browser and clicking the "Copy Report to Clipboard" button at the top and we'll be happy to help!

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