Chargebacks and Credit Card Disputes

Animoto takes account security and any allegations of fraudulent use very seriously. If you have any questions about charges on your account or require assistance please contact the Animoto Customer Team at, as we are usually able to resolve issues faster than your banking institution and filing a chargeback may result in permanent closure of your account.

What is a chargeback

A chargeback happens when you inform your bank, credit card company or other financial institution such as PayPal, that you dispute a payment made by them on your behalf,. 

Is a chargeback the same as a refund?

A refund is processed directly by Animoto. Chargebacks are initiated when you ask your bank to help mediate an unauthorized or unrecognized charge on your account.Your bank will work with Animoto to obtain additional details about the charge as they investigate. Because chargebacks require an investigation, your account will be frozen until a decision has been made. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to contact our team for additional information and options prior to filing a chargeback.

What should I do if I don’t recognize a charge from Animoto?

If you don’t recognize a charge from Animoto, please contact the Customer Team and we will be able to help you identify the source of the charge. Here are some common causes of unrecognized charges:

Unrecognized or Unauthorized Charges from Animoto

What happens when I file a chargeback

When you file a chargeback, your bank and Animoto will open an investigation into the dispute. We take account security very seriously, and investigate all claims. Your account will be frozen until the investigation is complete and a decision is made on the validity of the charge. 

During the investigation, the funds may be returned to your account or held by the bank until a decision is made. Once the investigation is complete, the funds are permanently transferred to the appropriate account determined by the bank. 

My Account or IP address has been banned because of a chargeback. How do I regain access?

Accounts deemed as fraudulent or unauthorized through the chargeback investigation may be permanently banned from accessing Animoto. If you’ve previously filed a chargeback which has resulted in your account being removed and would like to gain access to videos created or use Animoto again, please reach out to our team for available options. 

Before filing a chargeback

If you see unrecognized charges from Animoto, please contact the Animoto Team and we will be able to assist you. When contacting us, please include the email associated with the account in question (if you aren’t sure, you can include any potential email addresses), and the date and amount of the charge. If you have any questions our team is here to help!

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