Chargebacks and Credit Card Disputes

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback happens when you inform your bank, credit card company or other financial institution such as PayPal, that you dispute a payment made by them on your behalf, for reasons such as credit card fraud. Threatening to chargeback or dispute a purchase in any communication with Animoto may result in permanent account closure.

If a fraudulent purchase has been made with your credit card, you can reach out to the Customer Team here.

What happens when I initiate a chargeback?

Filing a chargeback against Animoto is a violation of our Terms of Service and will result in an immediate suspension of any associated accounts or IP addresses. We take chargebacks very seriously and will investigate each case to determine the validity of the claim made against Animoto. Any suspected fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity, such as submitting an unfounded chargeback, will be grounds for terminating your account.

My Account or IP address has been banned because of a chargeback. How do I regain access?

If a chargeback was filed against Animoto and the case concluded without being canceled or reversed by the customer, the ban to the account or IP address will be permanent. If you attempted to cancel the dispute, you may request an appeal to have your account and ability to purchase reinstated by submitting a request here. Please include any supporting evidence. 

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