Add Images and Video Clips to your Project

To add photos and videos clips to your project, start by adding them to the Media Library on the right hand side of the workspace. Click the Upload button to select the location to upload your media from. If your files are downloaded to your computer, you can drag and drop your images or videos directly into the Media Library to upload. 

If you need additional photos or videos clips to enhance your messaging, click the STOCK tab in the Media Library to upload directly from our Getty Images stock library.

Once your photos and videos are uploaded into to the Media Library, drag one image or video clip at a time towards the block that is open in your workspace. As you hover over the Workspace, the areas you are able to add your media file to will highlight in the block.

Drop your file into the highlighted area and you’re all set! Files you’ve added to your project will appear with a checkmark in the Project tab of the Media Library so that you'll easily be able to see which images or video clips you’ve already used. 


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