Use a Photo Burst Block

You can speed through a sequence of photos with the Photo Burst block! The Photo Burst block allows you to select several photos that will rapidly appear after one another. To select a Photo Burst block, add a block by clicking on  the + icon next to the blue play icon in the timeline at the bottom of your screen.



Select "Burst" from the menu that appears. You can hover your mouse to preview the different animations. 


To add images to the Photo Burst, drag and drop them from the media library right into the block.

Once you’ve added your images, you can set a Photo Burst to 1 of 3 speeds (1x, 2x, 3x). The total duration of the burst will range between 1 & 5 seconds depending on the speed you select and number of photos. You can add between 3 and 15 images to your photo burst. 


For more information about Photo Burst, check out our blog.

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